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The Advantages of Choosing Ipe Woods

For choosing wood products, especially for outdoor projects, people nowadays are preferring ipe woods to a great extent. Ipe decking wood is considered to be an exotic hardwood which has gained much popularity and is being used on a wide scale. With the technological advancement, this hardwood is made profitable for commercial use on a wider scale. This wood is dense and is said to be difficult in working with it because of its extreme density. On the other hand, this dense nature makes it as one of the superior quality of woods to be able to withstand any circumstances and therefore, ideal for outdoor construction projects.

This wood has a great number of features making it a reliable as well as durable wood type, thereby providing people several reasons to choose it over other wood types. Here are given few advantages of ipe wood:

  • This wood is ideal for managed forestry as it keeps thousands of acres of land, especially the rainforest is undisturbed with its growth. It is about 400{fe4f725b1f38b4aacd2beeed47499c5b78277adc9852c656a6df1e044992f187} stronger than Teak wood and is readily available at reasonable cost. Therefore, it is considered as the best replacement of Teak and Mahogany.
  • It provides great resistance to rot as well as insect infestations. Ipe has achieved the highest rating for combating against the termites by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Ipe wood was left open for about 15 years and had no termite attacks. It also has great resistance power to fungi, mildew, and mold. It also received the highest rating as the best forest possible form by the U.S Forest Laboratory.
  • Ipe wood also has an incredible resistance to fire and cannot be equated to any other wood type. It is also ideal for deck building because of its greater than ever high ratings for being slip resistant. Thus, using this wood around saunas, pools or hot tubs would lessen the risk of sliding or slipping off and thereby, reducing the risk of getting injured because of a slippery
  • The best and most remarkable feature is its extreme density which makes it durable and reliable and therefore, is chosen by a great number of people currently. It has a blunting effect on various cutters which is essential for carbide tipped saw blades. For similar reasons, it should also be predrilled for fasteners.

These advantages make ipe wood an ideal wood type while choosing wood for outdoor projects, durability and reliability being the two best benefits that one can derive from this wood. Texas Ipe Dealer provides with best ipe woods for construction at an affordable price, thereby providing you with the best quality product, satisfying your demands for your outdoor construction project.

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