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Are You Ready to Propose?

Are You Ready to Propose

Traditionally, a man proposes to a woman with a ring he picked out in advance that he thinks she’ll like. She’s expecting the proposal, but when and where it happens is a surprise. This might be what you’re hoping for, but for many couples, this doesn’t adequately represent their relationship.

If that’s the case for you, consider flipping the script! After all, there’s no reason why a woman can’t propose to a man with a wedding band, or for two partners to go shopping for rings together! If you’ve been married before, you might want something very different from your first experience– or you might want to retain family traditions for a sense of continuity.

Regardless of how traditional or how innovative you want your proposal to be, communicating with your partner about your wants and needs is key to planning a no-fail proposal.

Public vs. private: a key decision

We’ve all seen public proposals– someone takes over the mic at a show, or proposes live on the JumboTron at the big game, or brings a flash mob to a public place to propose to their love. Public proposals are controversial– some people love them, some really don’t.

It’s best to discuss a public proposal ahead of time with your partner if you’ve never talked about it before. If you’re not sure, or you want to maintain the surprise, a good general rule is to propose in private, but announce your decision to family and friends in public at an engagement party. In this case, everyone wins!

It’s your proposal– it should be uniquely yours

As you plan your proposal, think about your partner and your relationship, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you feel when you think about your love?
  • What do you remember the most about the time you’ve spent together?
  • What do you hope for as you think about your future together?

As you reflect on these questions, you’ll be able to better visualize the proposal you want. As you attain a vision of a proposal that reflects all that you are to each other and all the romance you want to bring with you to the future, you can start making a plan to make your dream a reality. There are many details to consider– for example, the ring!

Engagement rings are a great way to signify your love and commitment to each other even if your path diverges from the traditional. For many people, an engagement ring is the only fine jewelry they would consider wearing on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important to get it right. Again, discuss it with your partner to discover any preferences you should take into account so that the ring is still a surprise– but definitely a good surprise.

However you do it, good luck!

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