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Australia’s Most Underrated Beaches

Australia is known for having some gorgeous beaches, yet many of these beaches are well-known and perhaps you have already visited them with a motorhome hire several times and you want to do something new. Perhaps you also want to get away from the crowds that tend to gather on the more popular beaches in Australia during the summer.

To provide you with new destinations in Australia that are worth your time and that are sure to amaze you, we have compiled the best underrated beaches in Australia.

Take a Look

Unknown doesn’t mean they are not beautiful or welcoming, as these following 7 beaches prove. Pack your bathing wear and your beach toys and get your motorhome on the road to visit these underrated yet beautiful beach destinations in Australia:

  • Squeaky Beach-It’s a wonder why Squeaky Beach isn’t as well-known as some other Australian beaches. It’s a beautifully secluded beach with crystal-clear waters, beautiful hills surrounding it, smooth white sand, and large boulders to add a bit of style to this already unique and welcoming paradise.
  • Yamba-Yamba has a beautiful long stretch of beach which is perfect for evening walks, snorkeling in the clear waters, and to simply lay out in the sun—anywhere you feel like it. The lengthy expanse of sand across the Yamba coastline makes it ideal for people who like a little more privacy for their beach experience.
  • Friendly Beaches-Located in Freycinet National Park, this is a gorgeous natural area which will provide you with a beach experience away from crowds while you enjoy the wildness that surrounds you. Speaking of wild, this is an unsupervised area so be sure to exercise caution depending on weather conditions. From surfing to fishing or simply sun-bathing, there is plenty to do while visiting Friendly Beaches.
  • Point Sir Isaac-This charming stretch of coastline is located at Coffin Bay National Park. Many people love visiting Point Sir Isaac for the seclusion and wildness of the area. Whether you take a four-wheeler to explore the area, visit the lighthouse, or arrive with your surf board to get a good break, Point Sir Isaac is a gorgeous destination for anyone who is looking for a different kind of Australian beach experience. Be aware that Great Whites also like to visit these areas, although they aren’t seen very often.
  • Discovery Bay-This bay is worth taking some time to visit. Apart from being a beautiful beach to walk and explore, it also has history at its Historic Whaling Station. For anyone who wants to enjoy beach, wildlife at the national park, and visit the historical whaling operating station, this is a great opportunity for a well-rounded beach experience.
  • Caves Beach-How about visiting a fascinating beach with caves that you can explore during low tide? Caves beach should be much more popular than it is for its unique scenery and views, yet fortunately for visitors who like to be away from crowds, it is a relaxing and calm experience. Families like to visit with their children to enjoy the picnic areas and explore the caves. Just be sure to exercise caution as there aren’t lifeguards at this beach.
  • Lucky Bay-Smooth white sand, beautiful landscape in the distance, and turquoise waters are just some of the ways to describe Lucky Bay. Aptly named, this lucky area of Australia offers beach-goers gorgeous views, seclusion, and even visits from local kangaroos. If you really want a remote experience, pack some water and snacks and go ahead and explore further down the bay where you may even end up with a beautiful expanse of beach all to yourself.

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