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Beating the Weather – Mountain Bike Indoors in Toronto

For mountain bike enthusiasts who are residents in Toronto or the surrounding area they can beat the winter blues at the indoor bike track – Joyride 150. Located just outside of Toronto in Markham Joyride 150 is 90,000 sqft of MTB fun. The main feature is the twisting XC (cross country) loop that winds its way through the arena. The trail, which is challenging enough to give you a good winter work-out, consists of a number of wooden skinnies – these are narrow winding and twisting wooden tracks suspended like bridges, which are designed to test even the most experienced rider. There are also some rock gardens – pleasant enough sounding but nasty and bruising for those that take them too lightly, and log crossings that test your balance, so it is as difficult as you want to make it. It’s certainly good enough to challenge most rider’s skills. However if you are into jumping, there is also a jump area with a number of progressive jumps that take you from beginner up to expert level. Weather permitting there is also an outdoor dirt jump areaand back indoors a foam pit to safely try out those new skills. Apart from mountain biking there are the BMX style ramps and intriguing street scenes were you will see riders performing some amazing tricks and of course there is the ubiquitous vert ramp.

Within the vast warehouse style structure there is an onsite bike shop so you don’t need to take your own bike as you can rent a bike and the necessary safety equipment. If you do take your own bike there is a secure onsite storage facility. As Joyride 150 is primarily promoted as a walk-in bike ride center it has facilities available for all ages and abilities. This means that Joyride 150 is not just for the hardcore mountain biker but for all the family.

This makes it a great day out as everyone can hire a bike and have a go on the XC trails or the pump tracks. In case you are unaware a pump track is a series of obstacles, like dirt mounds called rollers.And a pump track is a continuous loop of these “rollers” that you ride without pedaling but instead using a pumping motion using yourbody to move the bike around the track. The great thing about the joyride 150 is there are two pump tracks that are suitable to be ridden by cyclists of all ages and abilities.

For the beginner new to mountain biking this is a great place to learn and help you transition safely from the beginner level paths to more taxing trails such as those you will find in Don Valley. In short, Joyride 150 is a great indoor facility that provides welcome relief from the long winter months without a day on the bike but it can also be just as much fun taking the whole family along, either way it’s an important part of the mountain bike scene here in Toronto.

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