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Consider Things You Need To Know When Buying An LED TV

The world of television is coming with new and latest developments every day. This is enhancing the overall viewing experience. Some of the latest improvements being smart television, LED, OLED, 4K and HDR. You will be presented with a ridiculously broad range of high-definition and 4K Ultra television sets in stores that makes it difficult to decide which one to go for. There are some tips that will ease your selection process.

Pay attention to the resolution

Do not purchase a television set that has less than 4K resolution. A television with less than 1080p set will not support modern applications and so won’t give you any value.

Learn about the frequency

Frequency is another major factor that you need to consider when buying a television. Don’t purchase a TV set that has less than 120 Hz refresh rate.

Look for HDR compatibility

A Sony television set that is compatible with an HDR technology, offers better contrast and more realistic colors. There should be a minimum of 4 HDMI ports to be present in a television. 4K shoppers should always check about HDCP compatibility.

Find the one that suits your budget

Though OLED television looks better than an ordinary LED LCD, they are comparatively more expensive. So, it is important to plan your budget and choose the device accordingly.

Save your money from spending on unnecessary features

Many people are attracted towards curved television and believe that they provide enhanced image quality. There is no truth to it. Such television doesn’t have any impact on image quality. Instead, it is just an ornamental feature that only improves the beauty of a device and makes it look more fancy and fashionable.

Also, a television seller may charge a huge price for the ability of the device to provide convenient access to online applications. Almost all models of the television manufactured these days are “smart TVs”. They come with an inbuilt ability to offer an easy access to online apps like Netflix. It is important not to get tricked into their marketing gimmicks. This is not a big deal. So, paying a lot on this common utility does not make any sense.

Go for a good quality sound bar

It is a wise decision to buy a soundbar. Television speakers offer poor performance nowadays as the screens are getting thinner.

Paying extra on extended warranties is futile

Television manufacturers provide extra protection to the device at some cost. Paying on extra protection is not required as the credit card company already provide buying protection.

Consider screen size

Whether you are in search for a high-performance or a basic television set, screen size is the biggest factor that determines your buying decision. To find the right screen size, see how many people in your family are going to watch it at the same time. Based on this criterion, choose the television set that comes with an adequate screen size and suits your budget too. A typical living room requires a television set between 55 to 65 inches.


Television purchase can be an expensive affair. To many, it is a one-time investment. To make it the best buy, these are some important things that you must consider when buying a television set.

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