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Eco-friendly Propane Powered Scooters – A Perfect Choice For A Large City

The latest trends in the vehicular industry show us that large clumsy automobiles have all the chances to become rare visitors on the streets of large cities with massive traffic. Relatively small, nimble and eco-friendly scooters slowly but steadily take the first place among all other models, due to their supreme effectiveness, compactness and reliability.

Let us look closer at these futuristic vehicles in order to decide if they are really as effective and comfortable as they claim to be.

Propane scooters: pros and cons

So, what are the real benefits of having a modern propane scooter? Well, the answer to this question depends on what you ask for. Surely, these models are not designed to carry an extra heavy load, they cannot hold sticks with motorcycles designed to accelerate from zero to hundreds of kilometers per hour in a few seconds.

However, for those who appreciate maneuverable vehicles, which are as easy to use as any other motorcar, propane scooters, such as the new Progo scooter, may be a perfect choice.

Obvious pros of propane scooters include the following:

  • A great maneuvering ability combined with its really small size that allows you to avoid the lion’s share of traffic problems.
  • Powerful engines as for this class of vehicles (for example, the Progo 3000, which is one of the latest models, features a 4-stroke engine with speeds of up to 20 mph – an impressive result for such a small model!
  • No threats to the environment. Propane scooters are as powerful and fast as their gas-using analogues, which means that by choosing this model, you obtain exactly the same results minus the danger of global warming.

One single serious problem with these scooters is that they are newcomers on the market, not every mechanic knows how to take care of them; however, due to their increasing popularity, there are no doubts that this situation will change in a few years.

Advantages of propane for innovative scooters as Progo 3000

Surely, we have heard that propane may be a better fuel than traditional gasoline and that someday propane powered vehicles will occupy all the roads.

However, the current situation demonstrates quite the opposite results – propane powered vehicles have never been very popular. The arrival of a few new models of scooters, such as the Progo 3000, proves that for this once time has changed.

Even an ordinary propane fuel has an incredibly high octane number – it lies in the range of 98-100! Moreover, all this power comes at a much smaller price, it is well known that propane powered vehicles are always more economical than other models.

Sure, electric scooters also have the future but, for the moment, they do not have much to boast of.

It takes something about three minutes to refill the Progo 3000 whereas an electric model, which is also eco-friendly, requires at least a few hours to recharge a battery. Obviously, the market chooses only the best variants and new models, such as the Progo 3000, have all the chances to prove the effectiveness of a propane fuel.

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