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Features of Labradoodles- Where to Buythem from?

Labradoodle dogs were the first deliberate cross of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. They gained popularity among dog lovers very quickly, since the first Labradoodle.They are amazingly smart, cute, social, loyal and friendly breed. Its coats are amazingly allergy friendly with low-shedding nature.

All Doodle dogs are hybrids of different breeds.  The parent breeds were chosen in such a way to pass specific unique genes to their puppies. This is to make the resultant puppies friendly and affectionate to almost all the animal lovers.Their demand is increasing day by day. In Goldendoodle new Mexico are known for their dog-raising standards.

A well-bred Labradoodle is known for its intelligence and can become a perfect family pet. Of course, labradoodle is known for its friendliness, some poorly bred dogs are not at all friendly.

Here is some of the temperament of Doodles that made the best choice of animal lovers

Intelligence:  Doodles are extremely intelligent, amazingly smart, very friendly and affectionate. It is very easy to train them for a novice or for an expert. That would be definitely fun for you and your lovely puppy. They can adapt to new situations or environments quickly. They will bond with people very quickly.

Hypoallergic: The major problem for dog lovers with dogs is their hair and the allergies they pass on. But that won’t be the problem with Labradoodles. They are very allergy friendly. Even asthma and allergic people can also rear them. Their coats are very soft. Their hair is more like that of sheep and with less shedding nature. It would be of different colors and different length.

Friendly and Entertaining: Doodles can entertain their masters by doing whatever they want. That’s why doodles are agood companion not only for you but also for your kith and kin.

Labradoodles are generally available in three different sizes :

Standard Size – Their height would be around 20″ – 25″ and typically weigh around 50 – 70 pounds.

Mini size Labradoodles – Their height would be around 16″ – 19″ and typically weigh around 30 – 45 lbs.

Toy size Labradoodles – Their height would be around 12″ – 15″ and typically weigh around 15 – 20 pounds.

Its good idea not to buy doodles from puppy mills where they were just treated as money earning products. Those puppies will be more prone to disease and are less friendly.It is advisable to buy from best west virginia labradoodle breeders to have superior quality breeds.

Points to consider while choosing Doodles from breeders:-

  • You should purchase doodles from responsible breeder who breeds and places doodles in clean and healthy conditions.
  • The breeders should not hide anything from the customer. They must be able to show puppy’s environment to the customers without any hesitation.
  • Breeders must be knowledgeable and can answer any of customer questions.
  • Breeders should be able to provide a happy and healthy environment for the puppies. They must give puppy’s good food, environment to play and socialize.

Bottom Line:

For dog lovers, puppies are a way more than they are. Though the hybridization is not yet attaining consistent results in puppies coat or temperament it always will be an affectionate dog. A properly bred Labradoodle with its temperament is really a true joy.

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