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Five Ways To Design The Perfect Casual Wardrobe For Men!

Contrary to what women believe, men are actually interested in fashion and style, although their horizons often range between casual and formal. If you are in college or want to break the office look, the first step is to include more casuals in the closet. Designing a casual wardrobe full of unlimited choices doesn’t have to be expensive or over the budget. In this post, we are enlisting five simple tips for the casual look, without stretching your pocket.

  1. First and foremost, pick your comfort zone. Casuals are all about comfort, and therefore, every person should have his or her zone. You have to understand what suits your body, and more than anything, it is essential to know what makes you easy. No fashion rule is meant to be followed to the T; you can always play around the norms.
  2. Invest in tees and t-shirts. A casual collection must have enough tees and t-shirts, and if you are willing to experiment, you will find endless choices in terms of style and designs. There are some really nice online stores that stock all kinds of patterns in men’s t shirts, right from something in solid color to graphic prints, special character prints and more.
  3. Choose the right shirts. Your first pick should be a polo t-shirt, which ideally isn’t a shirt but can move between being formal and casual. Polo tees are great for those days when you want to be suave but necessarily not boring. Also, you must invest in quality denim shirts and casual half shirts, especially in lighter summer colors.
  4. Denims are extremely vital for a fun and casual look. Of course there is the choice of different washes and styles, but nothing beats a classic pair of blue denims. If you are concerned about wearing denims to work on Fridays, you can also choose to invest in khakis and chinos, which are equally fun and offer a little extra dose of formality.
  5. Finally, do try new things and include the basics that are must for each season. Check for sweatshirts in funky colors for the winters, and for the summers, you can try shirts over tees as a part of the college styles. Don’t shy away from trying new prints, and those fun tees that talk of a singular statement are currently in huge demand.

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