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A Guide To Buying A Shower And Shower Head

Your bathroom is essentially a part of that you can hardly do without, so it is necessary to get it right when it comes to designing, getting the right materials and setting up your bathroom.

There are varieties of models and options in the market that can get you confused. Shopping for and purchasing the right shower, shower head and the best toilet seat, bathtub among others can be a herculean task.

With this guide, we’ve tried to make buying a shower and shower head a little less stressful for you. Buying a shower comes down to choosing between electric showers mixer showers or power showers. The key decider is often what type of boiler you own and the level at which your water pressure is strong. You also have to consider your spray style, the size of your bathroom and your budget. Below, you’ll find the necessary information you need to help you make your choice.

What is Your Water Pressure?

To know the water pressure in your home, you may use a pressure gauge or seek the assistance of a professional to get it done accurately. The water pressure is the force of the water through the pipe and it determines the flow of water running through it.

Know your water system

Combination boiler: This means there is no cold water tank or hot water cylinder, and you’ll have a combi-boiler to provide heat water as and when you use it

Best match: MIXER SHOWER

Unvented system: This system means all you have in your house is only a hot water cylinder. The water cylinder is heated by a heater or boiler under high pressure.


Low pressure system: This system allows you to have a cold water tank in your loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard however that can lower your water pressure, but you can always use a shower pump to boost it.


Types of Shower

Mixer showers

Mixer showers take water from both your hot and cold water supplies and mix them together to give your desired temperature. Mixer showers flow faster than electric showers and are good for homes that have enough hot water.

Electric showers

Electric showers take water mainly from the source of the cold water, heat the water when you turn on the shower via the heating element inside the shower. They are ideal for homes where the hot water is in limited supply. The higher its kilowatt rating, the better the performance of an electric shower.

Digital showers

A digital shower functions are always very similarly to the mixer showers, only if the digital controls let you control the precise water’s temperature and flow rate. Digital showers can come with or without pumps and can work with either low or high pressure systems, depending on the model.

Power showers

Like mixer showers, power showers mix hot and cold water together, but they don’t heat water themselves like the electric showers, they take the hot water from your household system. They also have the added benefit of a pump to boosts flow rate.

Choosing a shower head

The shower head is probably the most important component in having your perfect shower experience, as different shower heads can create very different experiences. in choosing a shower head you need to consider your height, your spray pattern and your water pressure. There are different types of shower heads to choose from.

Fixed shower head

 This type of shower head is generally fixed to the shower arm that extends from the wall. it can be screwed and unscrewed from the shower arm.

Body sprayers

This is a full spray pattern dotted along the shower face and it increases water area coverage and warmth.

Handheld shower head

It can be fixed and detached for other uses like bathing pets and kids.

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