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How Arts and Crafts Benefit Your Health

Making arts and crafts isn’t just fun – it’s fantastic for your physical and mental health. It doesn’t really matter what you are creating – whether you are putting together a scrapbook or drawing a comic or making a collage – you will enjoy so many great health perks whenever you get out the crafting supplies and start creating.

So what are some of the ways that arts and crafts benefit your health?

It Boosts Your Brain Power

There was a 2014 study that found a link between creating visual art and increased brain activity and psychological resilience. The study was performed on pensioners who were given art lessons and then encouraged to create their own works of art. Another group simply discussed and interpreted paintings and sculptures but did not create their own. Then, the brains of both groups were scanned and the brain scans analysed.

The brain scans from the group that made art showed that their brains had increased connections in the areas of memory, self-monitoring and introspection. They also noted improvements in cognitive procession and fine motor skills. The increase in brain power for those who created art was more than the group who had only been looking and talking about art.

Scientists used to think that your brain was static and once it was fully developed, it could only start to degrade. However, recent research has shown that our brains are flexible and – like a muscle – they can be exercised so that they will grow stronger. Arts and crafts are one of the most enjoyable ways to keep your brain muscles fit.

It Can Help Treat Depression

Making arts and crafts can also help you to manage depression. When you create a papercraft project you will be releasing feel good chemicals in your brain and these happy endorphins can act as a natural anti-depressant. In fact, the effects of working on a create arts and crafts project are more complex than any anti-depressant because they activate multiple areas of the brain.

Plus, arts and crafts can sometimes be a powerful visual medium for expressing the complex emotions that are inside you and letting them out in this way can be cathartic and can help lift your mood. Sometimes you might be feeling a complex emotion that is difficult to express in words so you find it easier to express it visually.

It Will Relieve Stress

Working on an arts and crafts project can also really help to lower your stress levels. When you are deep in concentration while working on a creative project, you can find yourself in a state of “flow”. You are completely absorbed in what you are doing and any of the things that might be stressing you out simply fade away. Any sense of time disappears and you lose yourself in the act of making art.

The effects of being in this state are very similar to what happens to you when you mediate. You will feel calmer and your body will relax. If you do this every day, you will grant yourself a lot of peace, calm and serenity that you will carry with you throughout the day.

It Can Be a Great Way to Bond

Many of these benefits apply to working on arts and crafts on your own, but what about when you do them with other people? Working on a collaborative arts and crafts project has a number of benefits, including improving your communication skills, increasing teamwork skills and exercising your problem solving skills. However, perhaps the most important benefit of all is the positive effect that the social interaction has on your health. When you spend bonding time with friends and interact in this way, it helps to reduce stress and releases positive endorphins in your mind. It will relieve stress and keep you feeling calm, confident and happy. So, why not plan for an arts and crafts party that you and your friends can enjoy together?

These are just a few of the reasons why arts and crafts are so good for your health. So, why not get out the arts and crafts supplies and make something beautiful – so that you can enjoy all of these wonderful benefits?

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