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How Not To Respond After A Car Accident

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Auto accident victims must protect their rights after a crash. Not doing so means paying for it emotionally and physically. It is unbelievable the lengths that insurance companies will go through to limit paying out damages. Read on to find out how not to respond after a car accident.

Hire A Lawyer

Insurance adjusters prefer to talk to accident victims early in the investigation. The purpose is to get a reserve value set. This amount reflects what the adjuster believes the worth of your claim. However, you should hire an Oregon auto accident attorney before talking to the insurance company.

Legal representation prevents you from giving out inaccurate information. The wrong information can affect the outcome of your settlement. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters will not settle the claim for a higher amount after the reserve value is set.

Avoid Selling Your Vehicle

The vehicle is evidence of the damages and trauma caused by the crash. The adjuster may ask to buy your vehicle, but it is important to not sell. If you sell the crashed vehicle, then the adjuster can destroy it. It also means you cannot have the vehicle examined by an expert or take pictures. When the crashed vehicle is not in your possession, it can weaken your case.

Avoid Releasing Your Medical Records

It is common for insurance adjusters to ask for medical records. They are looking for evidence of any pre-existing illnesses. For example, an adjuster looks for injuries or conditions that occurred in your childhood. If a pre-existing condition is found, then the adjuster will use this information to explain the current state of your health.

When you have legal representation, the adjuster has to make the request through your lawyer to look at medical records. Adjusters use this information to discredit your evidence in court. They present the medical records to try to decrease your potential settlement amount.

If you want to make sure your case is strong, then you should follow certain steps. It is essential to obtain insurance information from the other driver. You should also properly document the crash with pictures and witnesses accounts. After a car accident, you should hire a lawyer immediately to protect your interests.

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