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How to Improve Agriculture Productivity in India

Agriculture is considered as the “backbone” of Indian economy. This is the major form of production in India. India occupies a meaningful position in the list of developing agriculture. Agriculture has been there in our country since from the ancient time. But, nowadays, agriculture and farmers face some problems. Some of the reasons like improper raining will poor the agriculture productivity.

Agricultural production in India can be broadly classified into food crops and commercial crops. In India, the major food crops include rice, wheat, pulses, coarse cereals etc. As per statistics, the rice and maize are the main productivity in India and the rice exporters in India plays a vital role in the growth of agriculture.

Increase the Fertility of The Soil

Soil is something that you should reckon ahead strat cropping. A good soil is the main source of agriculture. To improve the productivity we must have to save the soils in our nation. Soils are often damaged by erosion, Stalinization and nutrition depletion. To increase the fertility of the soil, we have to grow more number of trees. If the soil capacity is enriched, this will help to get more agricultural lands. Getting more agricultural lands will increase the agricultural productivity.

Avoid the Use of Plastics

One of the serious threats to the agriculture is the use of plastics. More plastic usage will degrade the quality of the lands nearer to the agricultural land. Also, this will reduce the underground water. In order to increase the productivity, the use of plastics should be minimized.

Make use of the natural pesticides

Pesticides are the important one for the development of agriculture. They are used to grow the crops in a healthy manner. But, using the artificial pesticides will lead to the degradation of crops and lands. To increase the agriculture productivity, one should make use of the natural pesticides in the land.

Increase the number of water bodies

Water facilities are very efficient for a good agriculture. Insufficient water supply will lead to harmful effects on the crops. We have to try to increase the number of water bodies. This will lead to increase in the production. Also, we try to connect the water bodies for the better utilization of the water.

Grow more trees

The important source of agriculture is the rain. The improper raining results in the degradation of agriculture. The main reason for the insufficient raining is cutting down the trees. Growing more number of trees will help for the raining. This will lead to the improvement in the agricultural production.

Reduce population land

Reducing the population land and increasing the agricultural land will provide good results in agricultural production. If there are more agricultural lands, then more crops will be cultivated. This will lead to the production of more food items.

Reduce the use of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are one of the major reasons for improper raining. People try to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

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