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How To Inflate A Wheelbarrow Tire

You just realized how important it is to inflate a wheelbarrow tire the same way you would inflate any other tire. Though it seems a little bit tricky with good knowledge, you will accomplish it in just the right way.

A wheelbarrow tire is not like any other tire. It is a tubeless tire, but it also needs air to work efficiently.


Before you inflate any wheel, you have to take the wheel off. You may not know which tools to use. A crescent wrench and a screwdriver will get you through this. The wrench will loosen the bolts while the screwdriver will pry them out.

  • Be aware of the appropriate pressure the wheel will need to fill. In such situations, the manual will be so helpful. If you have lost the manual, you can check online but be precise about the model of the wheelbarrow you may get wrong data.
  • Now that you have taken off the wheel, I suggest you ignore the temptation of using the home pump to fill up the pressure. The wheelbarrow wheel just like any other wheel needs to be filled up with the pump at the fire station. After you have filled up, ensure the pressure gauge reads the right pressure settings.
  • For wheelbarrows with two tires, that means it heavy duty, do the same to the second wheel. If you often fill up the wheels’ pressure, there are chances that, the other wheel may be in good shape or may need to be filled. But still, just refill the pressure to save time.

Inflating A Punctured Tire

In many cases, best wheelbarrow tires become flat because of cold weather or getting a puncture. In such cases be ready to fix the hole with a tire repair kit.

When you are done fixing the puncture, it is now ready for inflating. But first, you have to clean the bead. Line up the tire bead and press it tightly against the rim. Note: The bead is the area which will be in contact with the rim, which is metal.

After aligning the tire bead against the rim, its time you apply tire bead sealer to facilitate the bonding process. If you lack the tire bead sealer, you can improvise. A simple way of doing this is by using dish soap, and it works just like the bead sealer.

Up to this point, you are doing great, if nothing is going through well, you should probably repeat the whole process or seek professional help. If you are successful, it is time to wrap a tie down around the centre of the tire tread and start to cinch up. The result will be the bead pressing up against the rim.

There are chances that the tire won’t seal immediately, you can fix this by gently, rotating and pressing the tire down from the center.

The tire will stick when you use grease or jelly then loosen it a little bit to remove all leaks and inflate it again.

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