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7 Tips You Should Know About Your Car Brakes

Know About Car Brakes

When driving a car, one of the most important aspects you should be good at is applying car brakes. Unfortunately, most people are not good at it at all. Not because they can’t be. It’s just that these people haven’t given much thought to the right braking method and the braking techniques to use in different conditions. And if you are one of them, then the below tips will definitely help you with braking your car is a better, more effective way.

Mind The Feet

Many people tend to use their left feet when applying brakes to their car. Though there is nothing wrong about this, it is advisable that you only use your right feet for braking purposes. This will ensure that you avoid accidentally pushing down two pedals, while also making it easier for you to deal with useless brake taps. However, remember that this advice is only applicable to normal, day-to-day driving. If you are participating in any race or wish to do a maximum-effort test of your car, then hitting that brake with your left feet is not much of an issue.

The 3 Second Rule

The three-second rule is a simple method that allows you to brake correctly, putting least stress on the braking system.  While inside your car, pick an unmoving object. It can be a building, a soda can, or anything else. Now, count to three as you drive the car. In case you are able to pass the object before you counted down to three, then that is an indication that you need to leave more space between your car and the object. This is actually the safest way to drive – having a good deal of space between your vehicle and anything in front of it. The wear and tear on the brake pad is also reduced to a great extent since you are not constantly using it.

Corner Brakes

When you are trying to drive a car over a corner, always slow down and apply most of the braking before you reach the start of that corner. You can then reduce the braking pressure as you turn the corner, thereby allowing the car to turn smoothly. This is a method mostly used by racetrack drivers. But if you are in a hurry and don’t wish to slow down, then this technique will surely help you drive the corners without wasting too much time.

Brake Fluid

It is necessary that you change the brake fluids of your car at regular intervals. If you avoid replacing the brake fluid for too long, then the insides of the braking system will start rotting, which will eventually force you to make expensive repairs. Ideally, you must renew the braking fluid at least once every two or three years. And when one considers the schedule of replacing the fluid and the long-term benefit of doing it on time, replacing the brake fluid come across as a very inexpensive process of maintaining your vehicle in good condition.


If you hear a squealing noise every time you brake the car, then it is an indication that the brakes need to be repaired. Brake noise can drive you crazy and if you do not get those squealing brakes fixed, it can lead to more expensive repairs. So, remember to take your vehicle to the garage as soon as you start hearing the noise.

Driving In Mountains

When driving down the slope of a hill, it is better if you drive in a lower gear. While this will reduce the speed of the car, you will be in good control of the vehicle when driving down the incline. And in case your car speed up beyond your comfort, just apply light beaks to keep the speed in check. A word of warning though – never use this method on icy slopes and roads.

Cadence Braking

In simple words, cadence braking is a method in which you first brake the car very hard, then you release the pressure on the pedal for just an instant so as to give the tires a bit of grip, and then put your feet back on the pedal and brake hard. If your car has an ABS, which most vehicles do, then the ABS will do this for you. However, it is still useful to know this technique since it can come in very handy in some situations. For example, when you are in a four wheel drive slide down a steep slope or something, cadence braking will be very useful in enduring that you have good control over the vehicle.

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