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Know about the rich customs in Baniya Marriage

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Just like all festivals and all other Indian weddings, baniya marriage is equally filled with fun. Every step and ritual makes Marriage filled with a lot of fun. Several gifts are shared between both families.

Generally, the baniyas or the Agarwal Matrimony are known for unusual and well-known business strategies and ideas as they are usually found out as well settled business leaders, not just in India but all around the world.

In a traditional Agarwal wedding, one can see the rich culture of Baniyas and the new changes that have followed with time. Following are some of the major traditions of the Agarwal wedding:

Mudha Tikka: this ritual is performed at the ‘bride’s home. In this, the bride is given different gifts from her future in-laws who are jewellery, clothes and other bridal accessories.

Sangeet: This is one of the most common rituals in almost all kinds of Indian weddings. In this, the family and friends of the bride, all come together at night to have fun and blast with music playing loud for them to dance and sing. Sometimes, traditional songs are sung too at the beginning of the sangeet.

Naandi: this ritual is performed because it is believed that after completing this ritual, there would not be any obstacles in the Marriage or later marital life of the couple and the matrimony would be a smooth success. A pooja for Ganesha is carried out in this ritual and is usually done 10-12 days before Marriage.

Bhaat: in the baniya marriage, this ritual holds a major significance. In this bridal’s maternal uncle come to the ‘bride’s home, a week before the Marriage and brings various gifts for her as a blessing for the wedding. These gifts generally include bridal accessories and a dupatta for the mother of the bride.

Tel Baan: This ritual is also known as Haldi ceremony and is done at the bride as well as the ‘groom’s place. In this ceremony, as the name suggests, a paste made of turmeric, honey and mustard oil is made and applied on the bride and groom by the ladies of their family.

Mehendi: This is another popular tradition of not just Baniya marriages but of Indian weddings. In this Henna, is applied on the hands and legs of the bride. The ‘groom’s family sends this Henna to the ‘bride’s place. A wedding planner is generally taken help to make this event more beautiful and memorable.

Korath: In baniya marriage, this is the ritual of the ‘bride’s family to the ‘groom’s place. In this, the ‘bride’s family goes to the ‘groom’s home with the wedding care along with the gifts they give to the immediate family of the groom.

Baraat: In Baniya wedding, the procession of taking the groom to the wedding venue is called a baraat. The groom comes to the wedding venue with his family and friends. Once the groom arrives, in the baraat, the ‘bride’s family welcome him with a ribbon-cutting and aarti is done by the ‘bride’s mother as a part of the welcome ritual.

Varmala: In baniya marriage, this is a later stage ritual on the wedding day. In this ritual, the bride and groom exchange garlands by outing them around each ‘other’s neck.

Pheras: this is another essential and significant ritual in a baniya marriage. The priest chants some prayers, duties and promises that the bride and groom are supposed to make to each other for their successful wedding life ahead by walking seven times around the holy fire. After these seven rounds are done, the Marriage is deemed to be completed, and the bride and groom now take blessings from their elders.

Bidaai: This is the ritual when a bride leaves her family and her home to begin with her new family and life.

Vadhu Pravesh: In Baniya weddings, before the bride comes to the ‘groom’s house, a proper welcome ceremony is done for her. In this, the ‘groom’s mother takes down her aarti when she reaches the threshold of the home. There is a pot full of rice that is kept on the entrance for the bride to gently kick as this signifies the success and happiness of the family after the bride comes.

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