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Ladies: 7 Ways to NEVER Get What you Want In Bed

What you Want In Bed

If you think men have cornered the market on thinking about or wanting sex, think again. Women want sex, and they are now willing to talk about it … or at least respond to sex polls about their need or desire for sex. So, just how often do women want it?

Loveawake dating site recently polled its mobile readers and found that about 25 percent of women want sex daily (vs. 32 percent of men) and 27 percent want it at least three times a week (vs. 29 percent of men). Hey, it’s not too much to ask … is it?

Wondering just how often men are thinking about sex? Another Limelife study indicates men are thinking about sex 13 times each day. That’s 5,000 sex thoughts each year! Women, on the other hand, think about it just five times a day — but they do think about it! What’s the take-away? Well, guys want sex (duh!). Gals want sex, too (woo-hoo, we’re admitting it!) … so why aren’t a lot of ladies getting it? The answer is surprisingly simple: They aren’t asking for or indicating that they want it!

Let’s take a look at “Tricia.” In her late 20s, she just started dating Mr. Right and is having fun. They go to dinner, they watch movies, they picnic, they hit the clubs. These two should be perfectly happy, but there is something lacking.


“We aren’t having it. I don’t know what the problem is,” Tricia said. “I’m ready, things seem to be progressing … but then, nothing.” In the four months they’ve been dating, Tricia says they’ve had sex only a handful of times.

For gals like Tricia, we’ve got a few suggestions. Here are our top 7 ways to NEVER get what you want in bed:

1. Never allow sex to happen outside the bedroom. Guys don’t like variety. Guys only want to have sex in bed. Yeah, keep telling yourselves that, girls.

2. Wear those comfy, cozy, fuzzy socks and granny nightie to bed. Every. Flipping. Night. Yeah, that will drive your guy wild with desire.

3. Whine about not having sex. Nothing turns a guy on more than whining, so go ahead. Tell him he isn’t satisfying you and see if that turns him on.

4. Get giggly. Okay, girls, ‘fess up. How many of you giggle when you’re turned on? Note: Guys hear giggling and think you’re 1) making fun, 2) not interested or 3) both of the above. And their interest shrinks faster than their… well, you know what … in 70-degree water.

5. Don’t make bed time interesting. Seriously, guys don’t just want to kiss, touch and get busy. They want to be surprised. So get imaginative and surprise him, already! 

6. Never take the initiative. This goes along with No. 5. If you’re always waiting for your guy to make the first move, the balance in your relationship is way out of whack. He needs to be seduced sometimes, too!

7. Complain about how ‘fat’ you are. Do you make your man feel like he constantly has to bolster your fragile ego and verbally reinforce how hot he thinks you are? Stop it, right now! After all, if he didn’t think you’re hot — would he be with you? So, put on that sexy bustier (even if you spill out of it a bit more than you’d like) — and let him enjoy you. All of you!

Come on, girls, use your heads. If you want sex and you aren’t getting it, have a talk with your guy. Sex is extremely important in a healthy relationship, and if you’re sexually incompatible it may be time to look in another direction. As much as you like your guy, if you aren’t having sex sooner or later you’ll both cheat. And then you’ll have a broken heart and an unsatisfied body to deal with.

So, ladies-having-sex, any advice to the ladies in waiting? What are your tried-and-true tricks to getting your man in bed … or on the kitchen table?

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