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Pairing Chocolate with Other Foods

Chocolate is a luxury. Many types of chocolate have complex notes. When eating or buying chocolate, many people think about the kinds of food they might choose to pair with it. Fortunately, chocolate is not only delicious but also easy to pair with all kinds of other foods. From the very start, chocolate has been used in conjunction with other flavors such as mint, lemon and orange. Chocolate has also been used to help set off subtle notes of flavor in other items such as wine and even meat. Today’s sophisticated gourmets know that chocolate works well with many types of food. They also know that a single piece of chocolate may contain lots of flavor that can be brought out with a thoughtful choice of other foods.

Sweet Flavors

If you look at this, you will see lots of types of chocolates. In general, chocolate can be divided into dark chocolate and milk chocolate. White chocolate is also chocolate but it is not as popular as other kinds of chocolate. A bar of chocolate works well with many types of sweet flavors. For example, chocolate is ideal with a piece of fruit. A fresh peach or bowl of cherries are even more delicious when dipped into chocolate. Other sweet flavors also work well with chocolate. Many people love using chocolate in sweet baking treats. Brownies are popular as well as chocolate cake. Chocolate is delightful with a sweet and thin caramel topping or a bit of coconut.

More Subtle Ideas

Other kinds of flavors also work well with chocolate. Many people in recent years have found to their delight that chocolate is good with bacon. Bacon and chocolate both have strong flavors. When combined, the result is often something that is exciting and full of intense flavor notes with every single bite. A small bit of bitter chocolate can be added to other kinds of savory foods as well. The classic Mexican sauce, Mole, is made from chocolate. It has lots of hints of complex flavors that have been used and refined over the years to help create a sauce that is pleasing in every way. A small bit of cocoa powder can also be used on its own in order to help add an elegant note to many main courses.

A Delicious Treat

When pairing chocolate with other foods, your ultimate aim is to create something that is very tasty. To that end, think about what pleases you personally. If you find yourself savoring the slightly bitter notes in a bar of dark chocolate, you should look for other also slightly bitter flavors. If you personally like something that sweeter, think about other kinds of sweet foods. Many pieces of fruit have a lovely, sweet intensity. An apple off the tree is even sweet and more delicious when it served with a nice piece of fine chocolate. Your goal should be to find what you like to taste best when eating any chocolate.

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