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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris oyakhilome also known as “Pastor Chris oyakhilome” is a priest, purely belonging to a Christian family named as T.Oyakhilome. He was born on 7 December (1961) in Edo, Nigeria and owns an organization entitled as “believers love world incorporated”. The Christembassy belonging to Mr.Christakes the responsibility to acknowledge people about the terms and conditions of this religion and to guide the Christian masses in an accurate way. It is clear by the name “love world” that the Christ embassy purely presents the message of love and peace to the people.

Pastor is known to be a very reputablegentleman, people love the message he conveys through his prayers music and orations. He owns a huge network of three channels which he launched to air out his tidings easily to the people. The channels broadcasted under his supervision are “love world TV”, “love world plus”, “love world SAT”. The Christian man of god is also responsible for several organizations, bodies that provide his information by interacting through different ways to the people. These organizations are as follows:

  1. Rhapsody of realities
  2. Innercity mission for children
  3. Healing school
  4. Love world books.

The groups mentioned previously consists of 5000 ministers working in almost 145 countries of the world.

Pastor Chrisoyakhilomehave also arranged a huge event named as “the night of bliss” in Africa, at the FNB stadium, the event is remembered by most in Africa.

The 55 year old utilized this new technology of the internet in avery meaningful way. He have built a platform of his own in the web world named as “rhapsody of realities”, where interaction becomes way easier. The website is translated in 739 languages in 242 countries. He have also maintained a group on messenger known as “kings chat”. Social sites are aware of the Christian personality very well and following the love he receives from the people, Pastor Chrisoyakhilomehas a huge fan following on twitter of around 1 million people. The figureitself is an evidence of how much people admire him as a priest.

In countries like CANADA, UK, USA, GHANA and NIGERIA, conferences are planned in which Christian masses take part in a bulk. The feedback he gets by his prayers, songs supplications, messages and orations isintense, people gather to listen him and his beautiful delivery.

Pastor Chrisoyakhilome and his Christ Embassy loves to encourage the upcoming generation and the youth to come up and bring out their talent. He supports the young people by giving them a finical hand, he thinks this way the fresh minds will get a chance to enhance themselves in a better way towards entrepreneurship and many other things.

It is unable to truly elaborate pastor’s contribution for the Christian people. Be that anything he always stood up for the good to come and offers a lot in order to educate people about the Christian religion.

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