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Porsche Canada Overview with ValueMags

Understanding niches of businesses is what ValueMags does. It is their job to differentiate magazines even when they are amongst many other magazines. The company is responsible for marketing and distributing a large number of magazines in the United States and is dedicated to helping magazine publishers understand their niches. One of these niches is high end cars. Take the overview of Porsche Canada for example. They are currently battling the perception of Porsche cars being driven in the winter:

  • Jasmine Rawlinson is the director of Marketing for Porsche Canada: her goals is to devise a marketing plan with will tap into a winter segment
  • Rawlinson reports directly to the CEO, Joe Lawrence
  • Porsche has been working with an advertising agency, Yield, to learn more about Canadian driver’s perception of their brand
  • Rawlinson’s marketing options given to her by the company include a microsite, email marketing, direct-mail, dealer-specific signage, and a winter driving training program
  • Porsche is known globally for being luxurious and performance-oriented
  • Global marketing development is based in Stuttgart, Germany where rules are put in place to regulate Porsche’s brand image in every country (uniform image)
  • Porsche owns 25{fe4f725b1f38b4aacd2beeed47499c5b78277adc9852c656a6df1e044992f187} of Volkswagen AG
  • Have designed a new car the is equipped to deal with winter conditions: rust protected, maneuver on ice at high speeds, stable, and has been tested in extreme conditions
  • New category of products – winter equipment.
  • – Porsche wants to tap into another segment of the market that is hesitant to purchase a summer-only car.
  • – An existing usage behaviour and perception that Porsches cannot be driven in winter conditions.
  • – Porsche is a relatively low volume vehicle manufacturer with a limited marketing budget.
  • – Porsche has an image of high-quality, “owners and aspiring owners have wanted to drive a Porsche since before they had their driver’s license” – this gives you a feel for the image that Porsche upholds.

ValueMags is actively working with magazine publishers of automotive magazines to understand what magazine readers want as well as what brands would like to see about their themselves. For more information on how to target your niche through various marketing strategies, contact ValueMags today using the link provided above!

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