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best floor scrubber

Cleaning the floors is really hectic. After years of research, the scenario has changed with a big leap in the technology. There has been a dramatic change in the manufacturing of floor cleaning devices. Today with the best floor scrubber, one can feel floor cleaning to be a matter of joy. You can see the brightness of the floor just after a single movement of the scrubber.

Buying Consideration

The scrubbers are basically distinguished on the basis of three types of deck. So while purchasing, you have to select whether you would buy a scrubber with a deck of the single or multiple discs. A single disk is enough for your household cleaning and has an easy maintenance. The scrubber can also be of the cylindrical deck or orbital deck. If you prefer a battery driven scrubber, then ask for onboard charger.

Common mistakes

While buying a scrubber most people forget about the availability of spare pair. Naturally,  the wear and tear the device break down. If you do not get the fitting spare for the product then the whole device would turn useless. So make sure that the spare of the device is easily available.

3 Best Scrubbers in the Market

Today market offers some very good scrubbers. Let us check some of the scrubbers:

  1. Karcher Floor Scrubber: The machine works at a very fast speed and it is very easy to clean with this scrubber. The machine has a dual tank system that almost holds 4 liters water every time of its use.


  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It is multifunctional and can be used in all types of floors.


  • The product is a bit pricey and all people cannot just affordable to buy it except the richer people.
  1. Hoover Hardwood FloorMate Scrub: It is developed with the latest spin scrub technology with the brushes and dual tank. You can perform 3 modes of operations,  namely wash, vacuum and dry.


  • The device has the mechanism of keeping them clean and dirt separately.
  • Floors do not remain wet after cleaning.


  • Tile grouts remain as it is and motor can be damaged after a year.
  1. Viper AS430C Electric Scrubber: The machine is having an agile body that enables it to deliver standard cleaning performances.


  • It can be easily controlled with fingertips.
  • The design is quite compact and can be easily maneuvered by anyone.


  • The price is quite expensive.

Hopefully, the readers are now aware of the fact about how to select a scrubber.

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