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Five things that happen when you start a crowdfunding campaign


It is not surprising that India is emerging as one of the greatest markets for crowdfunding in the world, both in medical and social, or NGO, crowdfunding. Fewer campaigners are beginning to take up projects in the creative and aesthetic crowdfunding space, but their numbers are growing too, and generally speaking, the crowdfunding business is going places in India. More and more donors are making handsome contributions to the process, encouraging campaigners in large numbers to come forward and try crowdfunding to finance important projects that are stalled for lack of money. The beauty of crowdfunding is doubtless the fact that the power of many people, each making relatively low contributions, adds up to a large sum, with each contribution playing a unique and significant role in making up the whole. Without the smallest donation made the total wouldn’t have been arrived at. Crowdfunding is not only democratic, it is also inclusive and participatory.

Kickstarting your crowdfunding India campaign takes a fair amount of effort, which makes perfect sense, given that your fundraiser page tells the story of your campaign, states your need to the world of donors, and talks in rough terms about how much you will need in funds and how you will utilize funds raised. A perfectly filled out fundraiser page with story, images, and video, plus a realistic goal amount, can attract donations in large volumes and quickly and steadily too.

Here is a quick summary of what happens once your crowdfunding India fundraiser goes live, if you have done things right with populating it:

  1. You get asked questions. Within hours of your fundraiser going live, and after you have shared it for the first time, people will start asking you what the fundraiser is all about. Of course you have told your story in the fundraiser micro site, but trust us, people will want to hear it all over again from the horse’s mouth. Prepare to tell and retell.
  2. You will be asked to explain. By this we mean explain everything. Those who know about your, or your loved ones illness, or your dream of making sure that all children in a remote village get to have music lessons, will want you to tell them one more time about this dream. And you will have to be patient and explain.
  3. You may be criticized. There will always be haters. The trick is to laugh it off, renew your faith in yourself, and push yourself to take your mission ahead.
  4. You will have to constantly ask for donations. This will get tiring after a point. The same people, your friends and relatives and supporters, will have to be reminded multiple times and shown the same processes repeatedly before a single donations come in. Don’t let this dishearten you. The best of givers often take time to warm up to giving, and once they have understood the channels give generously and often.
  5. The final and most important thing that happens after you start a fundraiser is that donations come pouring in. People who empathize with your cause show real altruism and generosity of spirit to stand with you. And that is the beauty of crowdfunding India,

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