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Surprising Facts Of Human Growth Hormone


Human growth hormone or popularly known as HGH is a natural testosterone booster that is produced on its own. It provides lasting benefits to the body and increases strength. It is produced in the pituitary glands and has a crucial role in cell rejuvenation, healthy brain and organ tissues. After secretion of HGH in the pituitary gland the liver converts it in to growth causing organisms.  Scientists have been studying about growth hormones for more than 100 years. Some states have legally approved HGH to children and weak adults.  What has made it get a legal approval? Is it really beneficial? Read on the benefits of getting hormone injections.

Benefits of Human growth hormone:

There are several benefits of getting hormone injections.

  1. HGH can be injected in two ways large dose and small dose. While large doses are given to increase muscle size, small doses are given for general recovery like weakness.
  2. HGH helps in stimulation of collagen which is beneficial for muscle strength and workout performance.
  3. HGH helps a lot in healing fractures. It helps in regeneration of bones and their strength. A type of HGH which helps in bone metabolism is IGF-1.
  4. Some researchers have found that it helps in the wear and tear of human cells and collagen insertion during healing process.
  5. People suffering from heavy weight benefit a lot from HGH. It eliminates extra fat and helps in reduction of weight.
  6. Limited secretion of HGH results in loss of lipolytic effect. Lypolysis is a hormone that breaks down lipids and converts triglycerides in to glycerol.
  7. Improper diet and growth hormone treatment have a huge impact on lipolytic activities. HGH helps in secretion of lypolysis.
  8. Growth hormone helps in building stronger bones. IGF-1 , which gets reduced with age

plays a vital role in cell formation and rejuvenation.

  1. As HGH reduces with age, older age adults have lower levels of growth hormone and as a result have higher risk of cardio vascular diseases.
  2. Older age people also suffer from Insulin resistance and various kinds of obesity which develop because of hormonal deficiency. HGH treatment helps in treating obesity naturally.
  3. Studies also found that there was an improvement in mood disorders and psychological well-being of people who have undertaken HGH treatment.
  4. Most of the HGH secretion happens immediately after going to bed. Since HGH helps in

better sleep people were relieved from sleep disorders. When sleep was deprived for 24 to 36 hours there was drastic change in HGH levels.

  1. Growth hormone helps in good functioning of male reproductive system. Lack of the same results in decrease in sexual interest.
  2. We can observe fatigue, lack of mood in performing duties with Growth hormone deficiency. An adequate supply of the same helps in lifting mood and mental health.
  3. Lack of bone density is a result of low rate of HGH. Strong bones give a proper structure and good strength to the body. The hormone aids in bone density and elasticity.

The role of HGH in the overall well being of humans cannot be ruled out. Take healthy diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. HGH is bound to multiply in heaps.

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