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Things You Should Handle Yourself on Your Move

There many things to be on the lookout for when you’re planning to move to a new home. You must understand the neighborhood that you moving into and make sure that it is safe for your family. You should check out the schools in that neighborhood if you have kids. You should also make sure that traffic in the neighborhood isn’t so bad that it doubles your commute time.

Once you have cleared all of these items, you then need to think about the actual move and this means determining how you are going to get your belongings from your current location to your new one.  If you live in Melbourne Australia, your options are to do it yourself or hire removalists.

If you are looking for a removalist Melbourne has one that can get the job done for you on time and within your budget.The company is expert at conducting any size move anywhere in the country. They specialize in Interstate removals, delivering your items fast and safely. They will even do backloading interstate no matter where you are in the country. Best of all you can contact them for a removalist quote in advance of your move. So if you have a need for furniture delivery interstate, you can find the right interstate removalist company in Melbourne.

Your Heirlooms

You should pack anything that has sentimental value to you or a member of your family. Heirlooms are those items that you collect and hold onto because they bring back a good memory. Perhaps it is pictures of your loved ones, maybe it is something that another family member gave to you, or even keepsakes from when you were young. These items cannot be replaced, so if they are lost or broken in the move it will cause you a lot of pain. You should pack these items in separate boxes that you or someone in your family brings to the new location.


Any jewelry that you or any of your family members own should be packed in easy to carry boxes that are placed in your locked car or car trunk. Because these items are small they can easily be misplaced or even stolen. And this does not get limited to the removalists as potential culprits. There are many stories of neighbors or even random passerby’s going into someone’s home who is moving and stealing their valuables.

To be safe you should handle all of your jewelry, this includes costume jewelry, yourself. Someone might mistake costume jewelry for being valuable and take it. There’s no worse feeling then finding out that you have been robbed while moving, and jewelry always attracts dishonest people, so do not leave them any reason to be attracted to your jewelry.

Any delicate glass

Needless to say, glass can be a casualty in a move. Interstate removals can be particularly brutal on glass items, so it is important that you take special care to make sure that the glass is successfully tucked away. This should include any glass figurines, sculpture, expensive glassware, and plates, and anything else that is delicate glass that cannot stand much jostling. Place these items in aseparate box with lots of padding and place the box in your personal automobile. This will ensure that these items arrive at the destination safely.

Taking these common sense steps to protect your personal items will make your move more successful.

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