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Top Mistakes People Make when Hiring Divorce and Family Lawyers

One of the most vital decisions you have to make when getting divorced or when resolving a case on domestic violence, paternity, and child custody and so on is to hire one of the best divorce and family lawyers. Hiring the right attorney means that you will acquire the best legal advice and proceed through the case smoothly. However, if you hire the wrong attorney, you will be fighting two battles: one against your lawyer and the other will be against your spouse. Many people make the mistake of hiring the wrong divorce and family counselors,and this jeopardizes their case further. Therefore, how can you avoid these mistakes by identifying them early? Here is how.

  • Hiring the wrong divorce and family attorneys: There are many types of family law cases, and it is important to choose an attorney who specializes in your area. For instance, if you are going through a divorce, you need a divorce lawyer. Additionally, if you aim to settle your dispute amicably but you make the mistake of selecting the biggest shark lawyer in your area, be ready for a lengthy court battle. The same scenario applies if you intend to use collaborative law; if you get an attorney who has not received special training in collaborative law, your case, will be everything else apart from collaborative. The bottom line is that you need to hire an advocate who possesses experience in the kind of case you plan on pursuing.
  • Failing to choose divorce and family lawyers who are specialists in family law: When going through any family law issue, it is not advisable to hire a family friend or neighbor who specializes in real estate law but practices family law on the side. There is a need for you to hire a specialist; a person who not only possesses an in-depth understanding of the family law but also who knows the judge. Knowing a judge does not mean that the attorney will use unethical means of winning the case. However, appearing before a specific judge many times helps the attorney predict the ruling of the judge on any particular issue. Such divorce and family barristers understand what to do to persuade the judge and avoid actions that may irritate them.
  • Choosing divorce and family legists who do not have time for you: When having the first meeting with lawyers, they will do their best to convince you of how they will dedicate all their time to you. It is therefore difficult to tell whether they are telling the truth or are just trying to make easy money. To avoid hiring a lawyer who is always busy, here is a trick that you can use: After the initial appointment, try calling the attorney back after business hours and probably leave a message that you need answers to some questions. After that, wait and see if it is the lawyer or their secretary who will get back to you.


Other common mistakes that people make when hiring divorce and family lawyers are failing to listen to their gut feeling and interviewing the lawyers when they are an emotional wreck.

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