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Why do people get boosted?

Why do people get boosted?

And this is exactly where the root of all evil lies because lol boosting is in itself pretty illogical. You pay huge sums of money to be promoted to a new rank that you can’t hold anyway and that you haven’t earned at all, which ultimately doesn’t do you any good.

The ranking system is there so that players can measure themselves against each other and improve. Players should have an incentive to learn and master this essentially deep and complicated game. The simplified ranking system, which shows you that you are now gold instead of silver, should be an incentive and at the same time, a reward for the players. A higher rank or a higher league should be a goal for the player to encourage himself to improve. And that is exactly the problem: This ranking system, which is so simple and minimalist, fuels the ambition, the emotions, but also the frustration of the players.

The problem is that skill is a means of profiling. Skill is a status symbol. League of Legends has a Challenger account, which is an expensive car or a yacht in real life because we see nothing more. Due to the anonymity on the Internet, we do not see the player behind the account, but only the account. If we go to the profile of a player, our eyes immediately move to the rank of the player, and this rank alone is usually enough to form an opinion about this player. If he is silver, he has no idea about the game, and if he is a diamond, he is really good.

And further problems can be derived from this. We only form our opinion of a player about his performance in the game, which is a huge problem. Well, in part, we also form an opinion about the behavior of a player. Toxic behavior is largely not tolerated by players, but there are exceptions to this.

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